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Security mirror TV- The worlds first TV Safe Mirror by JW Innovation


The innovative Security Mirror TV system is intended to provide multifunctional appliance integrating security system, communication interfaces, mirror/TV functionality and safe storage space. TV Security mirror is electronic appliance usually installed on the walls with extra space provided in wall for the safe installation. The safe is built from durable metal covered with stainless materials such as steel which provides sufficient protection against rusting effect due to humidity and temperature variations in the installation areas. option for the stainless materials are inbox steel and other steels. The TV Security Mirror features a flat TV device with touchscreen sensitive surface. Touchscreen surface is installed over the whole active area TV screen. Basic security starts from 32″ TV Screen and goes up to 50″ Touchscreen surface is either resistive or capacitive.

The TV default mode acts as a mirror when motion is detected in the frontal area with radius of up to 10 meters Detection of the movement is achieved through the ultrasonic mounted on the bottom edge of the mirror frame.

Images and videos recording is achieved through the FULL HD camera installed on the top frame of the TV security, this will record an intruder in front of the TV Mirror motion sensors.

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