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JW Innovation
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Rucksack portable desk With built in seat


A desk is an important piece of furniture for the personal development of a child. The study habits, which he/she learns early in life, will undoubtedly benefit their educational and eventual professional development for the rest of their life. Schools in developing countries cannot provide desk to these kids as existing available desks are not affordable to them. Rural Kids in need of Desks has create a buzz recently when few schools asked kids to bring their own desk. Alone in sub-Saharan Africa today, Approximately 95 million kids lack a stable surface on which to practice their reading and writing skills at school. Not only in Africa but also in Asian countries there is a huge demand for low cost Desk. JW innovation’s Carry desk is an exciting start-up company that aims at developing a portable carry desk for children that is fun and engaging. The portable carry desk is low cost and will last at least 6 years.

The likelihood of success of JW innovation is ensured by its strong management team, led by Jermaine Weekes, in charge of the product engineering and product development. He is graduated from renowned University and has experience in product launching.

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