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JW Innovation
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About JW Innovation

JW Innovation is a product design and development company based in the heart of Birmingham. JW Innovation’s primary aim is to work with clients that are searching for unique design solutions to ensure they stay ahead of competition. JW Innovation is always looking to improve its Design Process, and is constantly hiring professionals to suit a particular clients individual needs.

Our aim is to work with you and fully understand your requirements before we embark on any project for you.  The more integrated we are with you and your team, the better we will understand your requirements.  You are able to use JW Innovation in a number of ways, some of which are:

    • Develop a thought you may have into a product idea, or a combination of ideas. This will assist you to evaluate whether the idea is worth investing in further
    • Take the product idea further and design CAD models of your idea, as well as fully working prototypes.
    • Attend meetings with you to discuss new ideas and how you can gain that competitive edge over your competitors.


The key is JW Innovation is all about being innovative and dynamic, so you can use JW Innovation however you wish.  Please contact us now on for further details on our services, or to book an appointment to see our experts.



Product Research


What is Product Research

Product research is absolutely vital when

Product Design


JW Innovation can assist you with developing your thoughts and ideas into actual functioning prototy



Once the heavy thinking of the design process has been done and designs have been agreed, we ar