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Let The Exporters do the work

Customs brokerage services, global shipping liaison, and legal assistance.


Imports & Exports

We do export of products like, copper cathode, copper scrap wire, Gold and many more.

JW Innovation, it is our endeavour to excel in whatever field we venture into. Our objective is to provide quality products with enduring service and competitive rates â?? always protecting the clients interests.

Our organisation is growing at a steadfast speed, widening the product range and services for domestic trade, as well as providing special services to specific client requirements.It is the trust and support of our clients that has helped us to sustain for so long and grow consistently.

Our clients are our core focus: They define quality. They expect superior service, prompt delivery and reliability. Thus, mere customer satisfaction is not our goal, customer delight is.

Our Strengths
JW Innovation has been in this sector since 2012, which is why we have developed World Class Customers & Alliances with High Level of Customer attention & focus.

We believe in Long term Partnerships & Collaborative approach towards all Customers', Suppliers' and Employee

Our Products

Please could you send us your LOI with your target price. 

We have copper wire scrap ready to ship. 5000mt per month, only minimum annual contract (12x5000mt

Copper Cathode 5000mt per month

Gold : purity 96.08 

            Carat 22+

Aluminium Ingots 99.7%

Computer motherboard scrap: Email Us For quantity 

HMS 1&2 Used Rails

Brazilian sugar Lcumsa 45

About Us



Your One-Stop Product Import-Export Company
We created JW Innovations Ltd in 2012 with one sole mission: to make available a range of premium quality products from around the world. We are a UK-based product sourcing company working with integrity and passion for excellence, to bring to our demanding consumers the reliable, superior quality products that will exceed their expectations.

Our Activity Field

We specialise in the exportation of products copper wire and more goods and also offer customized services to meet the specific needs of our customers. Next on our roadmap is to widen our product range and domestic trade services, to include more products, furthering our business activities and responding to our customers’ increasing demands. Our main objective is to serve our customers with honesty, rendering them top standard services, at the best possible prices that promote their interests. Our long expertise in the field, our professionalism and addiction to perfection have already earned us a solid customer base and established our brand in the top ranks of export brands.

Superior Service, Prompt Delivery & Reliability
These are our core values and the pillars of JW Innovations Ltd. We want to treat our customers to an experience to remember and we work hard towards this direction. And –as it always happens- our hard work pays off!


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JW Innovation

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